About Progres

Printing House Progres shpk founded in 2002, is the largest manufacturing company in Albania for products Exercise booka, spiral notebooks, drawing blocks and cash register rolls. Producer for the biggest customers in the Albanian market also exporter in the Greek and Italian market.

The great experience in production and the dedication of qualified staff has enabled us today to be the largest producer in Albania and to have a solid relationship with our customers.

Our warehouse in Tirana, Albania

General information

  • 30 is the number of machinery that are already in production
  • 40 is the number of professional employees that work hard all day
  • 50 is the number of loyal customers that collaborates every season with us
  • 2002 is the year when we founded our company
  • 2002m² is our Warehouse
  • 'We don’t sell only products for our customers, we find solutions for them' is our motto.

Our success over the years relies on the values of employees, dedication and professionalism in our work and loyal customers. We do what we do best by recognizing our weaknesses and strengths.


To be a leader in Balkan region through innovative ways of paper & cardboard transformation into products that positively impact people’s lives.

Our team


  • Extend to other products the leadership & knowledge achieved in manufacturing of paper products.


  • We trust in people, accept everyone and respect their identity.
  • We are transparent and respect each other.
  • We have the courage to take decisions and accept risks in a responsible way.
  • By expanding our knowledge and creative, we can together achieve the impossible.

We work with

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The new facility investment, processing capabilities and a large variety of products from the world most known brands, have made Algrafika a factor especially in Balkan Region.